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Dr. S's Articles

Articles - The following are articles written over the years by Dr. Sheldon for various newspapers, magazines and other pet publications. They have been up-dated but some of them were written a few years ago.

We welcome you to comment on any of them in the blog sections. Additionally if you have any articles or interesting stories to tell please submit them and we will post them on the ‘stories’ section of the site.

If you have as subject you would like Dr. Sheldon to write about contact him via e-mail at Dr. S currently writes a regular column for the Vail Daily.

As of December 2011, these are in semi-chronologic order (is that even a word?!)

The Highs and Lows of Pet Marijuana

Dental Pain in Cats

Why is Pet Dentistry so Expensive?

What to Feed Your Dog

Raising a Dog In College

 Pet Cancer Part 1

Pet Cancer Part 2

A Twitch in Time

Euthanasia: Putting Man's Best Friend to Sleep

Kennel Cough/Bordetella

Anesthesia for Your Pet

All You Need To Nose About Nasal Disease In Dogs, Part 1

All You Need To Nose About Nasal Disease In Dogs, Part 2

An Overview of Feline Viral Disease

Animals Can Age With Grace, Too!

Canine Allergies: Art Or Science?

Canine Seborrhea: Dealing With Doggy Odor

Congenital Defects in Cats

The “Cool Aid Cat”: Feline Anemia

Demodectic Mange: It's Not What You Think!

Don't Let Your Dog Be A FAT CAT!

A Guide To Vomiting Cats

Feline Hyperthyroidism: Not Just A Skinny Old Cat!

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease: New Name, Same Disease

Feline Megacolon

Feline Parasites You Might Not Know About

Be Your Pet’s Best Friend: Learn First Aid for Your Pets

Heart Disease in Cats

Help Your Cat Age Gracefully

Is That A Frog In Your Cat's Throat? Feline Respiratory Problems

Old Yeller Could Have Been A Cat Too!

Human Error Usually To Blame In Uncontrollable Seizures

Skin Tumors in Cats; Serious Business

The Eyes Have It! Your Guide to Canine Ophthalmology

The Liver: Your Pet's Biggest Gland

The Uses and Abuses of Corticosterioids

The Wretched Disease called Pancreatitis

To Beat or Not To Beat: Canine Heart Disease

To Breed or Not To Breed? Infertility in Dogs

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