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Digital Radilogy (Xray)

Digital Radiology (X-Ray) Suite - This is the valley’s first digital x-ray machine and it is one cool piece of equipment. X-rays, or radiographs taken on a digital machine do not need to be developed like traditional radiographs thus eliminating the need for a dark room and chemicals. Images are available immediately!!

One of the biggest advantages is that it is very easy on the patients. The films can be seen in 5 seconds while the dog or cat is on the x-ray table. Most studies can be done without sedation. It’s also easy on the people taking the x-rays!

The images themselves can be manipulated once they are taken, for example, areas can be lightened or darkened or magnified. Images can be stored on a CD disk or e-mailed to specialists or emergency hospitals. Owners love taking their pet’s radiographs home with them and showing them to friends or putting them up as a screensaver.

Nurses, doctors and technicians love using the machine as they don’t need to hide in a darkroom to develop films. It is much safer for all of us as there are no chemicals that need to be disposed of.


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