Gypsum Animal Hospital

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Laboratory - We are very excited to have a complete in house laboratory. Most routine blood tests can be done while you wait (if you have 15 minutes to spare) rather then sending them overnight to Denver.

The blood chemistry machine, the VETSCAN, is very small and was developed initially for use on the space shuttle! It can test body functions such as: kidney, liver, pancreas, electrolyte, blood sugar, thyroid, and cholesterol levels in the blood.

The HM2 machine is a blood cell counter. It counts red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and helps us diagnose bleeding disorders, anemia, infections and other immune system problems. It is one of the first machines that can test cat, dog, horse, or pig blood (yes, there are differences in their blood cells).

The centrifuge is used to spin and prepare blood samples and also urine samples for analysis.

The microscope is used to check for fecal parasites, to assess urinalysis and to look at blood cells. It is also used for cytology which is the study of cells; special stains help us diagnose many disease conditions. 


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