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Gypsum Animal Hospital

680 Red Table Dr.

Gypsum, CO 81637

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 Pharmacy - We have a very large pet pharmacy at Gypsum Animal Hospital and our prices are often the same as those found on the internet. We try to carry all the common pet medications (and some of the not so common); however, we can order any product for your pet that we do not carry. Many of the pharmaceuticals are specific to dogs or cats so before you give your pet any human medication please call us. We also work closely with a specialized pet pharmacy that can make medications in special flavors or liquid formulations if your pet requires special meds or if you have difficulty medicating your pet (for example, some preparations can be placed on the skin using a ‘transdermal’ formulation.)

Prescription Refills can now be made on line via email. Just click on and let Lexie know what you need. She will e-mail you back the status of your order.

Special Order Prescriptions should be called in or emailed in to us at least a week before you need them cuz we live up in the mountains and shipping can be delayed. Special orders are medications like calcitriol, tacrolimus opthalmic preparations, and any transdermally applied meds. 

Internet Pharmacies

Internet pharmacies are classified as diverters and re-distributors of pharmaceutical products. Major manufacturers like Pfizer (Rimadyl) and Merial (Heartguard, Frontline) do not guarantee their products if sold through internet pharmacies. The reason is that they have no way of knowing where the product came from, if it has expired, or if it has been stored properly. These pharmaceutical companies will only guarantee products purchased form your veterinarian.

If your pet has a reaction to medicine purchased over the internet you are out of luck. If your pet has a reaction to a product purchased from your veterinarian you will have the full financial backing of the company who makes the product as well as their medical resources to remedy the situation.

We know everyone is looking to save a few dollars wherever they can; however, we are strong proponents of the 'shop locally' philosophy. Over 80 cents of every dollar spent locally stays in the community. When was the last time an internet company sponsored your child’s sports team, gave money to a local fundraiser, or gave to the High School Booster program?

With that said, we can often come close to the prices found on the Internet and will honor those prices if asked. Sometimes they flat out give products away below our cost and no business should ever be asked to match prices and take a loss. It's that simple.

We carry a full line of pet foods and nutritional supplements. The food we carry and recommend most is Hills Science and Prescrition Diets. In addition to foods we have a full line of many nutritional supplements; the mainstay of our products come from Veteri Science which is an NASC approved company.

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